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6th Smile - [Accidental Video]

[It rains heavily but if you look carefully you will see Soujiro circled by some monsters. Somehow... he looks a little different from usual... is it just me, or have his eyes turned red?
Because of the rain he's soaked to the skin and there are  some bloodstains on his yukata. Obviously, it's not his own blood. He's not even slightly injured and around him there are also lots of monsters that are already dead. He looks at the sword he's holding.]

The Kiku-Ichimonji-Norimune was a little better, but this sword is a good one, too.

[Then the monsters try to attack him but he dodges them easily and strikes back. One of the monsters falls down on the LP so that it turns off.]

((OOC:Action is open! Is there someone who wants to fight that  soaked through boy?))  



Having fun, Soujiro?


Oh, I didn't notice it recording me.

Well, I like practising sword fighting, that's right, B-san.


Looks pretty cool.
Swords are so classic.


Would you like to try it?


So that you can cut me into pieces?



Haha, don't worry, B-san, I wouldn't do something like that.
[to you. at the moment.]


Let's hope that's not true. It would make you a bad fighter not to really cut people~


You're right, B-san, but wouldn't it be a little strange to kill someone when you practise just for fun?

[Not exactly. Only in the given situation.]


Sure, it probably would. Exept... if you dislike the other, it wouldn't.

But you didn't speak about practise earlier, but said it in general. Word your phrases carefully. [...this will probably backfire someday]


Oh, I'm sorry, I referred to my offer.


I know~ [Just teasing you. Even though... he's not that stupid that he'd think it'd work]

Soujiro-san! Are you alright?
Don't worry, Kagome-san, I'm fine.
Are you sure? Do you need help?
Everything is all right, Kagome-san.

But it will be good if you give me a towel when I come back.
Okay...if you say so.

Thank you, Kagome-san.


[Guess who's walking through the forest at a leisurely pace.] A sword? Really?


[Soujiro turns towards him.]
Oh, nice to meet you, mister.

Yes, I usually fight with a sword.
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November 2010

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