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3rd Smile - [Accidental Video]

((ooc: I hope it's ok that all the suffixes change, since Soujiro would say "-dono" or something like that if "-san" was the only thing that changed. If it's not ok it'll be "-chan" instead of "-san". Oh, and Lisa, I hope you're fine with Soujiro destroying Yuugi's and his kitchen))

[The video starts showing a... well to say it's a mess wouldn't be correct.... let's call it world's end. Hard to believe that this has ever been a kitchen. And in the middle of "the kitchen" you can see Soujiro standing in front of the toaster. Oh.. well...]

It gets really warm.  I wonder what you can cook with it. 
 [He turns around to search for something to put inside and notices that the LP switched on.]
Oh! Good day!

[And now he realizes what the kitchen looked like.]

Err...  I only wanted to know if the egg explodes in this microwave like Kisara-chan's- [What did he just say?] Eh? Kisara-sensei's-
Haha, that's funny!

[Looks at the kitchen again.]
I guess I'll clean that later.



[Excuse the small Takeru that has been infected with all memetic expression here.]

...Uh, U MAD?




I-I mean... I C Wat U did thar![A small cough] ...I just want to ask about--

[A deep inhaling]

...How do you turn this on?



I'm sorry, but.. uh.. understanding you is quite difficult.


What is this i don't even.

[Well, he is new here. And still didn't quite grasp the island's doing]

...I don't understand myself. I can't quite saying what i want to.

[There, he managed]


Oh, maybe the reason for your way of talking and my problem with the suffixes is the same.
B-chan [It was not his purpose but saying that amused him.] told me that there's a girl that is able to make everyone in this place do what she wants.


Epic beard man...[Oh Fuck not again]



((OOC: Takeru is so cute xD))

B-sama [Payback for the -chan?] explained a lot to me when I had just arrived Salkia Island.

Re: [Video]

{OOC: You know how everyone would looking forward to glomp him :p}

So...uh... 'B' is his name? I mean what.


((OOC: Only looking forward to do something is not my style. Mwahahaha! *glomps Takeru*))

He called himself B when he sang a song an since then I've used it as his name. He has never said anything against it.


{OOC : *glomps Sou-chan* Dawww... Seta's adorable himself}

Oh, Eureka. I see... [A small pause] Oh right, i haven't introduced my self, have i? I'm Takeru Takaishi. You are?


((OOC: Adorable boys ftw? xD And, oh my god, you know him?))

My name is Seta Soujiro, nice to meet you, Takaishi-chan. Oh [he slightly chuckles.] I'm sorry about that.


{OOC= Know him!? He's my favorite character from RK <3!Oh and adorable boys going to rule the world somedays xD}

[He followed with a chuckle. Then he glanced around the... kitchen(?) there] It's okay. So... Seta-san, what happened there?


((OOC: O.O REALLY?! (Truth be told, I thought so xD but well) Yush, but oh, but is it okay when the characters are also psychos? I mean... *looks at Sou-chan and his truth obsession* THAT'S NOT NORMAL!))

[Nearly forgot about that]
I just wanted to test some of the inventions because I've never used things like that and also it seemed to be intersting to try out some things.


{OOC=I actually always liked that kind of character :D There's ton of characters from others fandom that goes into my fave list, yet they have some... weird obsession}

You did it all for the lulz?

[Aaaaand the effect on again]


((OOC: *looks at fave list* Oh well... too many... psychos... cute little psychos ftw~))

"lulz"? Uh.. if that means that I did it because it looked like fun, you're right.


[Oh, holy Digieggs of Hope--]

Yeah... I mean that, my apologize. [He paused a little, glancing around that room] That's... a bit of mess there...


Haha, I wouldn't say it's only "a bit". Well, I'll clean it later, so it's fine, isn't it?


[Takeru barely interacted with people in salkia other than Hikari and Ken... Soujiro might be a good start or at least Takeru think so]

Could i offer you my assistance?


Oh, I think cleaning [looks around the room] ...that.. would be finished much earlier if I had some help.


So...Um, which room again, Seta-san?


It's apartment A:13.


[With an 'Okay, be right there', Takeru put his LP in his pocket back as he walked through his door that lead outside. Stepping two floors down (since his room is C:12), he walked until he stumbled the door with "A:13" in front of it.

Taking one deep inhaling, he called out from there, just outside]

Seta-san, it's me, Takeru...


[He opens the door.]

Please come in, Takaishi-kun.


Thank you.

[A small nods, then he's off to see the kitchen...Oh wow, seeing the room through the LP was chaotic enough. Yet, to see it with bare eyes here is...]

Um... Let's start?


[Soujiro gets some cleaning equipment]
Uh.. Haha, where should we start?
[Well, everything is a mess, so..]


[He grabs some equipment from Seta-san, then]
Uh... Haha, this is real chaos. Let's start... with the kitchen?


That's a good idea but where.. exactly?


[....Eugh... The poor boy didn't know what to answer, this is your room after all. So, he'll just be a sidekick on this one]


[Soujiro goes over to the microwave.]
Uh.. I think I start with cleaning that.



... Oh.


[It's somewhat cute thought..]

Does B even want to know what you've been doing there?

[Don't say anything about the third-person. Or he'll kill you.]


I just tested some things, B-tan.


B sees...

And B would say something about this, but... B is not sure if it'd happen to him, too.

[And about that 'tan'.. have a glare at it]

[ video ]

[at first she just stares at what she's seeing through the LP screen, because dude, your mess is even worse than hers. the different honorifics confuse her, too, but she won't ask about that right now.]

Ah... would you like some help cleaning up?

[ video ]

Well..[looks at what the room looked like] some help might be good, thank you.

[ video ]

All right. I'd be happy to help! Where are you?

[ video ]

I'm at apartment A:13.

[ video ]

A:13? Okay... I'll try to find it.

[ video ]

Fine, see you then!



Yuugi just stares. Forever.]

I could.. um.. help?


Oh, Mutou-dono, nice to see you.

Haha, I guess it would be good if you helped me.

Re: [action]

[w-why is he dono. Well he won't ask. Of course.]

It'd be no trouble, really! After all, its my kitchen, too!


Thank you, Mutou-sama.

Haha, but I hope I didn't destroy any of those kitchen appliances.


I don't think you did. They're pretty resilient.

[Wanders over to inspect everything anyway.]
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