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My hakama are better than yours

4th Smile - [Accidental Video]

[Soujiro is holding two guns.]

They really are much lighter than Houji-san's. But I still believe using a sword is more practical.

[He puts them down and turns around.]

Oh, it has already switched on?

Um, because everyone seemed to be very busy last week, I decided to tell you about this today.
As you can see, I work at Cloak and Dagger as of now.

So, if you need a kind of weapon you will be welcome to pay us a visit.



[Blinkblink. Then a big grin.]

Well, well... [So. Delighted.]

Little boy surrounded by big, big weapons? Nice.


Oh, most of them aren't that big, B-san.


Would be impractical if they were, I guess...

[Soujiro? You're a mood-killer!]


Yes, I think so, too.
But sometimes they can be useful.


[Looks for a while, head held up by his hand (he's sitting at his desk)]

Watching like you is like waiting for a sleeping animal to do something.




It's really boring, as it does nothing but lay at the same place. And even though it's very cute, you want to turn around and go away to do something more intresting.

But you don't. Because you know that the animal will wake up and after waiting for so long you really don't want to miss the intresting things it does.


I'm sorry, B-san, but I don't understand what exactly you want to tell me.



No, I suppose you wouldn't.

Hitting on you is certainly a waste of time.


Hitting on me?
[Soujiro seems to be a little.. puzzled]


That's what I'm trying to do, yes.

But I guess, you're not intrested?


[still a little puzzled]
Well.. I've never thought about something like that.

[Video] Strikes are thoughts

You barely ever think about anything, do you?

You did not? How unusual.


Well, I had no time and no reason to think about it.


Well, then.

[He won't degrade himself, asking "Now you have a reason. Gimme your answer" or anything. He'll just wait and see what time brings]
So you're then one I'll be getting my ammo from, smiley?
That's right.

May I ask what kind of weapons you usually use, Kohaku-san?
Almost everything. I prefer guns though.
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November 2010

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