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Nov. 30th, 2010


6th Smile - [Accidental Video]

[It rains heavily but if you look carefully you will see Soujiro circled by some monsters. Somehow... he looks a little different from usual... is it just me, or have his eyes turned red?
Because of the rain he's soaked to the skin and there are  some bloodstains on his yukata. Obviously, it's not his own blood. He's not even slightly injured and around him there are also lots of monsters that are already dead. He looks at the sword he's holding.]

The Kiku-Ichimonji-Norimune was a little better, but this sword is a good one, too.

[Then the monsters try to attack him but he dodges them easily and strikes back. One of the monsters falls down on the LP so that it turns off.]

((OOC:Action is open! Is there someone who wants to fight that  soaked through boy?))  

Nov. 25th, 2010

Are you sure?

5th Smile - [Video]

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! This is Seta Soujiro!

You often forget your friend's cell phone numbers? You just can't memorize where you left your keys? 

Then here is the solution! "Hofmann's Brainjogging-Set"!
[He shows a book with the title "Brain in top form"]

Now you may think it's only a book with a few easy exercises. But it does not only contain every sort of training, from crossword puzzles to sudoku. You can also learn how your brain works and what kind of training is helpful for you.
The set includes the book, made of plastics so that you can use it as often as you wish, solutions and two replacement pencils.

But that's not all! If you order "Hofmann's Brainjogging-Set" in the next 24 hours you'll get 3 3,000 piece jigsaw puzzles for free!

Nov. 2nd, 2010

My hakama are better than yours

4th Smile - [Accidental Video]

[Soujiro is holding two guns.]

They really are much lighter than Houji-san's. But I still believe using a sword is more practical.

[He puts them down and turns around.]

Oh, it has already switched on?

Um, because everyone seemed to be very busy last week, I decided to tell you about this today.
As you can see, I work at Cloak and Dagger as of now.

So, if you need a kind of weapon you will be welcome to pay us a visit.

Sep. 13th, 2010


3rd Smile - [Accidental Video]

((ooc: I hope it's ok that all the suffixes change, since Soujiro would say "-dono" or something like that if "-san" was the only thing that changed. If it's not ok it'll be "-chan" instead of "-san". Oh, and Lisa, I hope you're fine with Soujiro destroying Yuugi's and his kitchen))

[The video starts showing a... well to say it's a mess wouldn't be correct.... let's call it world's end. Hard to believe that this has ever been a kitchen. And in the middle of "the kitchen" you can see Soujiro standing in front of the toaster. Oh.. well...]

It gets really warm.  I wonder what you can cook with it. 
 [He turns around to search for something to put inside and notices that the LP switched on.]
Oh! Good day!

[And now he realizes what the kitchen looked like.]

Err...  I only wanted to know if the egg explodes in this microwave like Kisara-chan's- [What did he just say?] Eh? Kisara-sensei's-
Haha, that's funny!

[Looks at the kitchen again.]
I guess I'll clean that later.

Aug. 24th, 2010

Smile Manga

2nd Smile - [Video]

[Soujiro sits outside with a few boxes next to him.]
Good day!
I was just wondering if someone wants to have some of the Yatsuhashi I brought here.
They're just a few days old but-
[He opens one box and looks at the Yatsuhashi]
Haha, please forget what I've just said. 
Well, there is something else I'd like to know. 
This place seems to be interesting but somehow I don't have anything to do. So, I just want to ask if there is someone who has some work for me.

Aug. 13th, 2010


1st Smile - [Accidental Video]

[Soujiro stands in the forest with three boxes of yatsuhashi.]
Strange, wasn't I inside the shrine a few seconds ago?

[He seems to think.]
Oh! Maybe I walked into a trap Houji-san had set in my absence. But I'm not near Mount Hiei, am I? I wonder how he did that.

[He looks around and notices the LP. He puts aside the boxes and checks it.]
Oh, I haven't seen something like this before! Interesting. It seems to be a box... but what is it used for?